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Get your team ready to develop its first Portrait of a Graduate

from Ken Kay & Suzie Boss

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    Student achievement has always amounted to more than test scores. But moving beyond compliance has proved easier said than done. Education provocateur Ken Kay and educator and writer Suzie Boss have teamed up to develop a four-part framework designed to get your team ready to develop its first true Portrait of a Graduate — and do the courageous work of putting students first. 

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    aaron spence

    "Ken Kay and Suzie Boss show us how to engage parents, teachers, students, and leaders in a critically important conversation about what learning must look like now and for our future."

    Aaron Spence, Superintendent

    Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Virginia

    About Ken & Suzie’s work

    Anchored in their seminal work on 21st-Century Skills, and coming on the heels of their latest book, Redefining Student Success, Ken and Suzie’s program prepares your team to engage in community-based conversations about the shift from compliance to student-centric performance and provides a practical blueprint to transition from a rear-facing snapshot of test-based accountability to a holistic portrait of academic and career success for every student.

    Get your team ready for Portrait of a Graduate

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