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John & Trevor’s
New Teacher Academy

Give your newest teachers the skills — and the confidence — to achieve personally fulfilling, long-lasting careers in schools.

Instructors: Dr. John Spencer & Trevor Muir

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Recruiting and retaining high-quality teachers has never been more important than it is right now. But new teachers continue to leave the profession at an alarming rate. To stem the tide, author, nationally recognized speaker, professor and veteran K-12 educator John Spencer and Trevor Muir recently launched the New Teacher Academy.

The interactive, multi-disciplined program includes a series of (7) live, interactive sessions and accompanying instructional videos for teachers on critical topics, delivered virtually. Unlike traditional professional development, the New Teacher Academy pairs self-paced asynchronous learning with personal mentorship, and peer collaboration to help new teachers build confidence, develop key skills and a support network on the way to a lasting and successful career in education.


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$695 per person
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Who should attend

Classroom teachers, instructional coaches, teachers on special assignment (TOSAs), department heads

Meet Your Instructors

Best-selling author and speaker Dr. John Spencer is on a mission to transform America’s K-12 schools into bastions of creativity and wonder. A former middle school teacher and current college professor, Spencer fuses the latest academic research with innovative, project-based teaching strategies and practical real-world examples to help new and aspiring educators unleash the creative potential of their students. He is the author of several books, including Launch: Using Design Thinking to Boost Creativity and Bring Out the Maker in Every Student and Empower: What Happens When Students Own Their Learning.

Trevor Muir is a passionate educator, speaker, and author who believes in the transformative power of education. Trevor has gained international recognition for his innovative teaching methods and inspiring content, which empower teachers and students to unleash their full potential. When not traveling the world to meet with educators, he coaches aspiring teachers at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Trevor’s dedication to education is reflected in his books, videos, blog, and podcast which showcase his work in the classroom and the effectiveness of purposeful learning. He is the founder of The Epic Classroom, his social media where he connects with millions of educators who share his passion for teaching and learning.

dr john spencer
trevor muir

The Experience

The New Teacher Academy features (7) key action-oriented skills for new teachers (see schedule below).

Each topic includes the following:

90-minute live interactive video session

Collaborate with Dr. Spencer and your peers as part of a structured learning session, conducted online via Zoom, featuring a lively discussion and breakout sessions.

10-15-minute instructional video

Each topic also features its own video-based lesson, enabling participants to practice strategies and explore the concept in-depth and at their own pace.

Free extended learning resource connected to the topic

Extended learning materials provide reinforcement of key concepts and job-embedded applications.

The Outcomes

The path to career success for new teachers starts with a committed approach and a willingness to think creatively.

School leaders who enroll in this program, will:

  • Embrace practical ideas that set them up for success in the classroom for Day 1.
  • Master mental and self-care strategies to avoid burnout and pursue teaching excellence.
  • Become more efficient and effective with their time, inside the classroom and out.
  • Think differently about systematic challenges, from family engagement to student assessment.
  • Build a supportive professional network, based on mutual respect.
    Master innovative strategies to positively impact student performance.

What Educators Are Saying...

“As we continue our journey to provided quality learning opportunities to our students, Johnʻs work will be an important resource. We highly encourage other schools to offer Johnʻs resources to their teachers.”

JoAnn Wong-Kam, Managing Director of Ho'olaukoa

Kamehameha Schools, Honolulu, HI

“Dr. Spencer inspired my teachers to get back to creating classrooms full of “creativity and wonder”. I now hear conversations among teachers as to how to “launch” a PBL project in their class, how they are incorporating empathy into projects, and how service learning is changing their students mindsets.“

Lauren Crabtree, Principal

Douglas County Schools, Douglasville, GA

“Every educator wants to have the kind of impact Trevor is talking about.”

Craig Hammond, Executive Director

Nashville Metropolitan Schools

The Sessions

Dates to be confirmed

Session #1: How to Start the Year Well

Dates to be confirmed

Session #2: Build a Positive Classroom Culture

Dates to be confirmed

Session #3: Foster Family & Community Engagement

Dates to be confirmed

Session #4: Master Time Management & Self-Care

Dates to be confirmed

Session #5: Force Multiply Through Professional Collaboration

Dates to be confirmed

Session #6: Foster Effective Classroom Collaboration

Dates to be confirmed

Session #7: Student-Centered Learning (PBL & Inquiry-Based Learning)

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Practical action items

10-15-minute instructional videos

Extended learning resources

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Practical action items

10-15-minute instructional videos

Extended learning resources

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Practical action items

10-15-minute instructional videos

Extended learning resources

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the New Teacher Academy?

    Created by best-selling authors, nationally recognized speakers and former classroom educators John Spencer and Trevor Muir, the New Teacher Academy was designed to give new primary and secondary teachers the confidence — and the hands-on skills — to succeed in the classroom, en route to lasting and fulfilling careers in schools. Built in response to a nationwide rise in teacher attrition and professional disengagement, the New Teacher Academy gives teachers a set of practical tools to overcome persistent classroom and workplace challenges and serve as a workplace benefit for school districts committed to fostering an environment that promotes professional agency and empowerment among front-line staff and teams.

    Why should my teachers participate in the New Teacher Academy?

    Amid a nationwide wave of teacher resignations, historic staff shortages, and a concerted effort among schools and districts to recruit, retain and support high-quality teachers, The New Teacher Academy gives school district instructional teams and their teachers a practical blueprint to start the school year — and their educational careers — off on the right foot, develop sustainable practices and help student reach and exceed their academic potential. Designed by a pair of former classroom educators, turned writers, the New Teacher Academy combines real-word advice with practical on-the-job experience for professional learning that is both intellectually stimulating and practically applicable. If you’re a new teacher, or if you have a team of new teachers who are entering the workforce in a challenging and uncertain climate, the learning and resources featured in this course are for you.

    What’s included in the New Teacher Academy?

    The program includes (7) collaborative 90-min. learning sessions delivered virtually over four months. In addition to live sessions with John and Trevor, participating teachers also receive access to a series of 10-15 min. Instructional videos (one per topic/session) and a practical workbook, so they can apply strategies and practice skills on their own.

    Who in my school or district should participate in the New Teacher Academy?

    This course is targeted to new teachers. These could be newly hired teachers in their first year, teachers returning to the classroom after years in the private sector, or teachers transferring schools, or changing grade levels. Instructional coaches and directors of curriculum and instruction are also encouraged to participate.

    How will the New Teacher Academy help my team?

    The New Teacher Academy was designed to give your newest teachers the skills and confidence to effectively engage students, while becoming the best most-effective teachers they can be. The course intends to provide educators with practical skills that they can use in the moment in their classrooms, while also building a foundation on which to pursue deeper, lasting and more meaningful professional careers.

    What is the New Teacher Academy schedule?

    The seven live sessions are scheduled every two weeks, for 90 minutes, over Zoom. Instructional videos and practical learning workbooks are self-paced and completed according to agreed-upon milestones set and the outset of the academy.

    How can I participate in the New Teacher Academy?

    If you’re interested in joining the New Teacher Academy, sign yourself or your team up using the drop-down menu and form here. Once you register, you’ll receive an email, detailing next steps and what to expect ahead of the launch date. Should you have questions before you sign up, or need more information please use the form at the bottom of this page or email RocketPD at and one of our team members will respond promptly.

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