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with Dr. Kim Wallace

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    You’re only as good as your next successful initiative

    Every school leader has a vision. But success hangs on your ability to execute a handful of key initiatives. Author and former school district superintendent Dr. Kim Wallace has created a 10-stage process designed to help you generate community buy-in and take key programs from promising concepts to powerful realities. 

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    “Wallace offers strategies to shift your mindset and equip you with robust and innovative tools, resulting in a powerful transformation in practices, policies, and protocols in schools and districts. It is simply a must-read for education professionals!”

    L. K. Monroe, Superintendent

    Alameda County Schools, Calif.

    About Kim's work

    Dr. Kim Wallace is the author of Leading Launch: a 10-stage process for successful school district initiatives. She is the former superintendent of the Fremont Unified School District in California and associate director of the 21st Century California School Leadership Academy (21CSLA) at the University of California, Berkeley. Her Leading the Launch professional learning program was designed to help school leaders shepherd key district initiatives from the ideas stage to execution, with a focus on key results.

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