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Show Them That You Care — 6 Principles for Student-Informed Social-Emotional Learning

SEL doesn’t just happen for students. You need to engage them in the process. Here’s how to do it.

Instructor: Carla Tantillo-Philibert

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Everyone is talking about the importance of social-emotional learning. But acknowledging the need is just the first step. It’s what you do next that matters. Join author, entrepreneur and educator Carla Tantillo-Philibert as she shows you and your team how to embrace a culture of social-emotional learning that empowers teachers and staff by giving them the agency, the tools and the confidence to positively impact the lives of every student, regardless of challenge or circumstance. Carla’s six principles are an absolute must for every educator who is prioritizing SEL as part of their educational planning process this year.


Dates TBD


Teams of 5 start at $5,000

Who should attend

District-level and school administrators will benefit most from this cohort, all are welcome.

Meet your instructor

Writer, teacher and former classroom educator Carla Tantillo-Philibert is one of the nation’s leading voices on Social-Emotional Learning and the power of Mindful Practices in schools. Author of Cooling Down Your Classroom and the Everyday SEL series on Routledge and founder of Class Catalyst, Carla has traveled the world talking to educators and helping them transform SEL from a popular talking point in schools to a critical part of everyday practice, combining everything from yoga to meditation to the latest in educational and mental health research and pedagogy.

The Experience

Here’s what to expect when you, or members of your team, sign up to learn about adult and student social-emotional learning with Carla Tantillo-Philibert.

Weekly mindfulness sessions

All registrants of the Learning + Doing option (see packages below) are invited to join Carla and different members of her team for weekly mindfulness sessions. Use the time to depressurize from the stress of work, seek advice and build relationships.

Quarterly mile-markers and classroom SEL assessment

All Learning & Doing participants will also receive access to quarterly SEL assessments to help them gauge progress. Combining survey research with real-time feedback, educators receive a clear picture of their development at key points throughout the year.

Plus, get a copy of Carla’s book Everyday SEL (for Elementary, Middle of High School staff)

Every registrant receives the version of the book that most closet represents their grade level of expertise.

The Outcomes

The path to stronger social-emotional learning for students starts with teachers and willingness to think differently. School leaders who take this program, will learn to:

  • Take ownership of their personal social-emotional health
  • Recognize and identify signs of social-emotional need or distress in students
  • Create engaging and inclusive classroom spaces, where students thrive academically, physically, emotionally and socially
  • Learn to communicate with students about potential problems or frustrations to address SEL in context
  • Shift the focus from annual surveys to true student-informed practices

What educators are saying...

Pharlone Toussaint

“Carla Philibert is a remarkable social-emotional learning facilitator and speaker. She is truly passionate about making sure that all educators that she comes into contact with are being heard and supported. For her, this isn't about the latest buzzword in education but rather a deep desire to center the voices of those who have been left out or forgotten.”

Pharlone Toussaint

Director of Inclusion, Belonging & Partnerships

Paul Liabenow

“Carla Tantillo Philibert, founder of Mindful Practices-author, researcher and speaker brings understanding and practice of social emotional learning to a new level. Her experience as classroom teacher, curriculum director and SEL trainer for over 15 years gives her a unique ability to turn theory into practice like no other. Whether you are participating in her keynote, breakout session or a week-long course you will be equipped with SEL tools and practices ready for immediate implementation. Her numerous books and complete k-12 SEL curriculum provide guidance for a sustainable implementation that will benefit your school and district for a lifetime.”

Paul Liabenow

Executive Director, MEMSPA

Kenyea Beach

“Mindful Practices' Carla Tantillo-Philibert is a charismatic, dynamic, and engaging speaker. Carla's SEL prowess, hands on expertise, and knowledge assist her in providing the "best possible experience" for her audience when presenting. Carla is transparent in her delivery as a presenter, providing great tools and resources for educators. I would welcome Carla to any environment as a presenter for SEL in and out of the school community!”

Kenyea Beach

SEL Coordinator & Community Liaison, Chicago Heights School District 170

Allison Slade, Ed.D.

“Carla connects with her audience in an authentic way every time she presents – no matter who the audience is made up of! Participants take part in hands-on applications which facilitate implementation of new SEL strategies in their own settings – whether that’s as a leader of teachers or a leader of students, or both! Participants leave inspired, motivated and always smiling!”

Allison Slade, Ed.D.

Chair, Department of Language and Literacy Program Director, Instructional Leadership & Strategic Initiatives Roosevelt University

The Sessions

Session #1

Know yourself

Believe it or not, the path to stronger student SEL starts with you. Here’s what that looks like.

Session #2

Find your starting point

Every student experience is rooted in different experiences. That means every student requires a different approach. Find your starting point.

Session #3

Differentiate your approach

How you approach SEL in your school or district depends largely on how the school or district chooses to support SEL. Find the right dosage of practice for your schools, for students, and for you as an educator.

Session #4

Get immersed the practice

Now that you understand the context in which you’re operating, it’s time to immerse yourself in the practice of SEL. Take a multi-faceted approach by viewing SEL from both the student and adult perspectives.

Session #5

Work in the right system

How your approach SEL, depends on who you’re serving. A teacher working with an elementary student might look very different from a teacher working with a high school student. We’ll help you identify the right systems and embrace templates to do the work at scale.

Session #6

Practice self-care

Finally, we’ll bring it all full circle by showing students (and us as teachers) how to care for ourselves in school and outside of the classroom too. Because self-care matters.

What's the cost?

Starting price per person. Sign up your team and save!


Learning package

(6) 90-minute monthly learning & mindfulness conversations

(3) 90-minute workshops (to explore problems of practice)

Copy of Everyday SEL for elementary, middle or high school


Learning + doing package

(6) 90-minute monthly learning & mindfulness conversations

(3) 90-minute workshops (to explore problems of practice)

Copy of Everyday SEL for elementary, middle or high school

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 6 Principles for Student-Informed Social-Emotional Learning cohort?

Created by Carla Tantillo-Philibert, internationally recognized writer, teacher and former classroom educator, the 6 Principles for Student-Informed Social-Emotional Learning cohort is a six-session virtual training program and collaborative professional learning workshop for K-12 school leaders, teachers and staff that focus on serving students in the context of their own individual circumstances and challenges.

Why do this as part of a cohort?

The cohort model is designed to give school district leaders an affordable and convenient way to facilitate support for social-emotional learning, at a time when students need more than academic support. Districts can register up to (5) members of their building or central-office teams for open cohorts. Additional cohorts can be established based on demand. Cohort participation represents a cost-effective way for district leaders to experience the program before rolling it out on a larger scale as needed.

What’s included in this program?

Delivered over multiple months, the program includes (6) scheduled learning and mindfulness conversations and, depending on your level of investment, biweekly collaborative workshops and quarterly assessment to help track progress.

Who should participate?

The 6 Principles for Student-Informed Social-Emotional Learning cohort is designed specifically for school teams, including building principals, teachers and staff. The multi-month program is designed to work with leaders’ busy schedules. Should your team find value in the experience and want to invest in the work more deeply, a full-district model is also available.

How will this help my team?

The cohort experience provides a unique opportunity for school building teams to have candid conversations with a nationally recognized expert on adult and child social-emotional learning. Unlike one-off seminars and keynote speeches, the cohort provides a clear opportunity for sustained development and provides the basis for a framework that school leaders can use to create stronger, more supportive and engaging school environments, with a focus on mental and emotional health.

What is the schedule?

The dates for this cohort are listed in the Schedule section of this page above. Additional cohorts may be opened as needed to accommodate demand.

How can I participate?

If you’re interested in joining an upcoming 6 Principles for Student-Informed Social-Emotional Learning cohort, save your spot today by following the button on this page. Once you sign up, you’ll receive more information about the program — plus, an invoice that you can use to reserve your district’s spot and submit payment. You’ll also receive a detailed follow-up email with information about your cohort, including session dates and times. Should you have questions any time throughout the process, you’ll receive the phone and email of our project coordinator to ensure a positive experience.

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