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How we’re different

Teachers and staff need access to quality professional development.

There is a reason only 29% of educators say the professional development they receive at school meets their needs.

Gates Foundation, 2014

The challenge

Three days of training at the district service center might check the box on state compliance, but most educators say that type of training, by itself, is ineffective and inconvenient.

Fully asynchronous training is more convenient, but doesn’t always feature the collaboration and job-embedded practice that educators value, or need, especially with job-related stress and attrition at all-time highs.

The solution

Research shows that committed teachers and staff are the single-most influential resource in the quest to close historic learning gaps and level the playing field for all students.

The best (perhaps only) way to help your team reach its full potential is through a practical mix of live and asynchronous experiences that support the needs of the individual, while furthering the broader goals of the organization.


Empowered Educator Experience


Create time and headspace for busy educators to think strategically.


Support buy-in with opportunities for collaboration and practical application.


Develop a custom plan to meet organizational goals and ensure progress.

Comparing costs

What schools pay for professional development.


Per contact/workshop hour
Prevention Science, 2020

Great K-12 PD doesn’t have to break the budget.

How much you’ll pay with RocketPD.

Less than $100

Per contact hour for live virtual or video-based asynchronous learning experiences.

Savings that you can pass on to students!

Want a better way to do PD in your school or district?

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