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dave baugh, superintendent, apsen public schools

Dave Baugh, Superintendent, Aspen School District, CO

Why we launched RocketPD —
and ‘staying in the fight’ for teachers and families

I was sitting in the dark in my daughter’s bedroom, scrolling my phone when I saw the headline:

1 in 4 U.S. teachers is considering quitting. (CNBC, 2021)

This was five months into the global pandemic. Across the country, school buildings were closed or shutting down. Classes were moving online.

I’d heard it was bad. The handful of teachers I knew personally had, on separate occasions, thrown up their hands in disgust. The guidance wasn’t clear, they told me. They weren’t getting enough support. Some feared for their health or their sanity or both.

As someone who came up in the public school system and someone who struggled, physically and socially-emotionally, at the hands of a physical disability (Cerebral Palsy), I owed a great deal to the many remarkable educators in my life.

Teachers helped me see my personal circumstances in a new light. The courage and agency that they displayed, day in and day out, helped shape a future that, for me, might not otherwise have been possible.

Our students need that kind of commitment now more than ever. Too many promising educators don’t get the help and support they need. We can’t afford to sit idly by and watch the best and brightest among us leave our schools in dismay and frustration.

No amount of technology or curriculum will ever equal the power, empathy and genuine sense of care that real humans bring to the classroom. We need willing educators to ‘stay in the fight’ for our students and families.

That’s why we launched RocketPD — to create the world’s most engaged community of school leaders committed to supporting the needs of K-12 teachers and staff. It’s time to bring creativity, energy and oxygen back to America’s K-12 schools and support educators in any and every way possible.

We can’t tell you how glad we are that you’re here and reading this.

We hope you’ll consider signing on to participate in our growing community.

The wider our reach, the more we all stand to learn from each other.

Let’s stay in the fight — together.

-Corey, co-founder, RocketPD

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