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Rethinking teacher supervision, coaching and evaluation

Develop a teacher-evaluation process that makes far better use of supervisors’ and teachers' time, increases trust and collegiality, and actually improves teaching and learning.

Instructor: Kim Marshall

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Kim Marshall, formerly a Boston teacher, principal, and central-office administrator, is now the author of the weekly Marshall Memo and a highly regarded school leadership coach. His Rethinking Teacher Supervision, Coaching, and Evaluation cohort will help school leaders think through changes in current policies and implement strategies that continuously improve teaching, leadership, and learning.

This interactive 8-part program will focus on frequent classroom visits, face-to-face coaching conversations, fine-tuning teaching practices, orchestrating effective teacher teamwork, and other key topics. Use what you learn in these sessions to pilot immediate changes in your teacher evaluation process, start a discussion with key stakeholders, or consider long-range reforms. Sign up as an individual or as a team. Teams are encouraged. Receive a discount when you sign up more than one person.


Monthly starting this September


$750 per person
(discounts available for teams)

Who should attend

Superintendents, Asst. Superintendents, District Leaders and/or Directors, School Building Principals, Asst. Principals, and Instructional Coaches

Meet your instructor

Kim Marshall is one of the nation’s leading voices on school leadership and improving instruction. Kim divides his time between producing the weekly Marshall Memo, coaching principals, and consulting with schools and districts. His goal is to help aspiring and veteran school leaders use their time most effectively, implement best practices, and close persistent opportunity gaps. His ideas have been adopted by thousands of educators worldwide.

The experience

Here’s what to expect when you, or members of your team, sign up to learn with veteran educator Kim Marshall.

Live practical learning sessions

A series of nine sessions designed to analyze all aspects of the way supervisors interact with teachers and teacher teams and plan needed changes.

Interactive conversations

Real-time polling, breakout sessions, role-play & practice, videos & observation.

Access to the RocketPD Learning Portal

Get access to session recordings and additional practical learning resources, including tools, learning guides and discussion boards, through our password-protected portal.

Plus, relevant readings for each topic

Participants will receive the slides after each session and other articles and research.

The outcomes

One of the best school improvement strategies is rethinking unproductive teacher-evaluation systems so supervisors work with teachers in ways that truly improve teaching and learning and produce more-equitable student outcomes. The nine sessions of this cohort will help schools and districts think through and begin to implement the following:

  • Significantly increasing supervisors’ classroom visits
  • Improving observation skills
  • Focusing on checks for understanding and student learning
  • Fine-tuning face-to-face debriefs and written feedback to teachers
  • Discussing the use of student surveys as a coaching tool
  • Engaging in difficult conversations when necessary
  • Using rubrics for goal-setting and summative evaluations
  • Managing time so the most important work gets done

What educators are saying…

drema brown

“Kim Marshall’s work has been a cornerstone of my leadership practices and my coaching of instructional leadership teams for many years. Kim’s ideas help leaders outline ways to systematize feedback aligned with the standards, our school’s instructional priorities and school cultures.”

Drema Brown

Head of School, Children’s Aid and Children’s Aid College Prep Charter School
charles cardillo,former supt of manhasset public schools

“Kim’s work has been exemplary in supporting the school district’s commitment to instructional improvement. Kim’s accessibility, ongoing encouragement, and extraordinary insight encouraged our teachers and administrative staff to embrace his frequent, unannounced mini-observation and teacher-evaluation rubric.”

Charles Cardillo

Former Superintendent of Manhasset, New York Public Schools
Amelia Gorman

“Kim transformed the way that we observe teachers and give feedback. Short, frequent, and timely visits to every classroom occur with face-to-face feedback. As a result, teachers feel that we have a fair perspective of what is happening in their classrooms and truly value our instructional eye.”

Amelia Gorman

Former Principal, Lee Pilot School, Boston, MA
Nicholas Tishuk

“With Kim’s support, we have abandoned rote observations and complicated rubrics for a synthesis of technical feedback, supportive coaching and immediate strategies to improve learning. The combination of mini-observations and clear, powerful rubrics has contributed to a singular focus on improved instruction and student growth.”

Nicholas Tishuk

Executive Director, Bedford Stuyvesant New Beginnings Charter School, Brooklyn, NY

“Kim Marshall reminds us that adults are a critical lever to maximize student success. He implores participants to leverage their focus specifically on the school leader by providing timely, specific and direct feedback, along with targeted support for teachers. Learn with Kim and leave with the ability to demystify the assertion that success is possible for all children, regardless of their demography.”

Shahara Jackson

Former New York City principal, Founder and Executive Coach, LyfPrints, Inc.

“We asked Kim to work with the staff to design units that are coherent and promote deep understanding. His work helped shape the culture of the school in how we look at curriculum, provide feedback and design lessons. We consider this work as foundational to student success.”

Phuong Nguyen

Principal, Civic Leadership Academy, New York City

The sessions

Session #1

The moral imperative of a better approach

Session #2

Nuts and bolts of mini-observations

Session #3

Nuts and bolts part 2, teacher-evaluation rubrics

Session #4

Face-to-face debrief conversations, short write-ups

Session #5

Making student learning central to the process

Session #6

Dealing with differentiation and unit/lesson planning

Session #7

Student surveys and difficult conversations

Session #8

Time management - fitting it all in

The schedule


12:30 PM EST











3:30 PM EST










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Join colleagues from other schools for lively discussions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rethinking Teacher Supervision, Coaching, and Evaluation Cohort?

Created by Kim Marshall, nationally recognized educator and author of the Marshall Memo, the Rethinking Teacher Supervision, Coaching, and Evaluation cohort is a 9-session virtual training program and hands-on workshop for focused K-12 school district and building leaders and their teams. Educators can join open cohorts, scheduled at select times throughout the year. Additionally, districts can choose to invest in a systemwide training exclusive to their district.

Why do this as part of a cohort?

The RocketPD cohort experience is designed to give school district leaders an actionable, affordable and convenient way to facilitate difficult but necessary strategic conversations and initiatives at a time when schools and school communities face both intense initiative fatigue and competing distractions. Districts can register select members of their building or central-office teams for open cohorts.

What’s included in this program?

Delivered over multiple months, the program includes eight sessions.

Who should participate?

The Rethinking Teacher Supervision, Coaching, and Evaluation cohort is designed specifically for school district and school building leaders. Recommended participants include superintendents, assistant superintendents, district leaders and/or directors, school building principals, assistant principals, and instructional coaches. The multi-month program is designed to work with leaders’ busy schedules. Should your team find value in the experience and want to invest in the work more deeply, a full-district model is also available.

How will this help my team?

The cohort experience provides a unique opportunity for school district leadership to have candid conversations with a nationally recognized expert on leadership, instruction, and time management, while engaging in practical training based in proven practice and research-based methodology. Unlike one-off seminars and keynote speeches, the cohort provides a clear opportunity for sustained development and provides the basis for a framework that school leaders can use to create stronger, more supportive and engaging teaching, with gap-closing results.

How can I participate?

If you’re interested in joining the Rethinking Teacher Supervision, Coaching, and Evaluation cohort, save your spot by completing this registration form. Once you sign up, you’ll receive more information about the program, including payment and invoicing details. You’ll also receive a detailed follow-up email with information about your cohort, including scheduled session dates and times. Should you have questions at any time throughout the process, you’ll receive the phone and email of our project coordinator to ensure a positive experience.

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