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Leading the launch

A 10-stage process to help every school leader secure buy-in and win key strategic initiatives

Instructor: Dr. Kim Wallace

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Every school leader has a vision. That vision hinges on the ability to execute a small number of critical initiatives with surgical precision. But getting countless team and community members to buy into your priorities, not to mention simply finding the time to pursue them, can seem hard, if not impossible, when school communities are faced with initiative fatigue.

Built specifically for K-12 school leaders by former California school district superintendent turned author and speaker Dr. Kim Wallace, this 10-stage implementation process combines an action-oriented framework with hands-on inquiry and collaboration to help you plan, promote and execute your most important district initiatives with support and enthusiasm, in the face of any distraction.


This cohort will confirm its participation dates shortly.


Teams of up to 5 participants start at $2,950

Who should attend

District-level and school administrators will benefit most from this cohort, all are welcome.

Meet your instructor

Dr. Kim Wallace is the author of Leading Launch: a 10-stage process for successful school district initiatives. She is the former superintendent of the Fremont Unified School District in California and associate director of the 21st Century California School Leadership Academy (21CSLA) at the University of California, Berkeley.

The Experience

In Leading the Launch, Wallace demonstrates how to combine ingenuity, flexibility,  responsiveness and passion to help K-12 school leaders pave a path forward for their most critical programs. Here’s what to expect when you or your leadership team sign up to participate in this multi-part virtual cohort experience. 

Structured monthly learning conversations

All participants are invited to attend a series of (9) scheduled 60-minute guided virtual conversations in which Kim Wallace personally walks attendees through the different elements of her Leading the Launch process, complete with examples and opportunities for engagement and discussion.

Scheduled small-team ‘doing’ workshops

In addition to structured monthly learning conversations, all participants who sign up for the Learning + Doing package are invited to attend once monthly small-group problems of practice workshops, where you and/or your team have an opportunity to perform case studies and design, guide, and sustain strategic implementations according to your own unique settings.

Plus, a copy of Kim’s book

Every participant receives a copy of Kim’s book, Leading the Launch: A 10-stage Process for Successful School District Initiatives. Ideal for a team book study, this resource includes strategies, tools, case studies, and end-of-chapter action plans and checklists to guide your work.

The Outcomes

Leading the Launch starts with a committed approach and a willingness to think big. School leaders who enroll in this collaborative program, will:

  • Recognize how, where, and why past initiatives have failed to launch
  • Master concrete steps and practical tools to vet potential innovations
  • Master execution of new products, programs and/or policies to achieve success
  • Learn to evaluate existing and proposed initiatives for maximum impact
  • Integrate and adapt proven resources for use in their own setting/context

What educators are saying...

“In Leading the Launch, Kim Wallace walks you through ten stages to successfully implement a new initiative. She starts with the birth of an idea and takes it all the way through to providing ongoing support for new programs. This is a fantastic book study for any leadership team!”

Janel Keating

Superintendent, White River School District, Wash.

“Wallace writes from real experiences and provides a comprehensive approach that guards against “knee-jerk” decisions and ensures all aspects of a new initiative are considered.”

Richard Smith

Deputy Superintendent (retired), Sanger Unified School District, Calif.

“Wallace offers strategies to shift your mindset and equip you with robust and innovative tools, resulting in a powerful transformation in practices, policies, and protocols in schools and districts. It is simply a must-read for education professionals!”

L. K. Monroe

Superintendent, Alameda County Schools, Calif.

The Sessions

Session #1 - Setting the stage

How to assess your current initiative culture

Session #2 - Vet the idea & pitch the proposal

Pressure test your idea and position it for success

Session #3 - Determine your priorities

Initiatives always change before they launch: how to pick your battles

Session #4 - Design your proof of concept

Make sure your idea is road-show ready with a working prototype

Session #5 - Engage your stakeholders

Different audiences have different needs. Know who you’re pitching.

Session #6 - Gather and analyze data

Feedback matters. Learn to use what you hear to build support.

Session #7 - Make a decision

Adopt a replicable process for deciding when to move an idea forward.

Session #8 - Plan and deliver professional development

Make sure your team has the tools and resources to achieve success.

Session #9 - Launch and provide ongoing support

The time has come to launch your program. Seize the moment, and make it sustainable.

What's the cost?


Learning package

(up to 5 team members)

(9) structured monthly conversations

Copy of Leading the Launch book

(3) Monthly small-team ‘doing’ workshops

1:1 coaching (10 hrs)


Learning + doing package

(up to 10 team members)

(9) structured monthly conversations

Copy of Leading the Launch book

(3) Monthly small-team ‘doing’ workshops

1:1 coaching (10 hrs)


Premium package w/coaching

(up to 15 team members)

(9) structured monthly conversations

Copy of Leading the Launch book

(3) Monthly small-team ‘doing’ workshops

1:1 coaching (10 hrs)

If you are interested in this professional learning for multiple teams of five or a district-wide implementation, please send us a note.

Sign up for Leading the Launch

Master a 10-step process to ensure the success of your next strategic initiative

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    Cancellations must be submitted electronically here no less than 10 days before the start of this program. No-shows do not qualify for refunds. We reserve the right to cancel this program due to low enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. In the event of this program being canceled, any money paid would be immediately refunded via check to the school district.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Leading the launch: a 10-stage process to help every school leader secure buy-in and win key strategic initiatives?

    Created by Dr. Kim Wallace, author, speaker and former school district superintendent, Leading the Launch is a multi-session virtual professional learning cohort program and hands-on workshop for focused K-12 school district and building leaders and their teams. Educators can join open cohorts and attend monthly scheduled sessions and/or workshops to learn how to successfully launch and sustain critical strategic initiatives. Additionally, participating school leaders can choose to invest in exclusive coaching with Kim Wallace for individualized support.

    Why do this as part of a cohort?

    The cohort model is designed to give school district leaders an affordable and convenient way to facilitate difficult but necessary strategic initiatives at a time when schools and school communities face both intense initiative fatigue and competing distractions. Districts can register select members of their building or central-office teams for open cohorts. Cohort participation represents a cost-effective way for district leaders to experience the program before rolling it out on a larger scale as needed.

    What’s included in this program?

    Delivered over multiple months, the program includes (9) scheduled structured learning conversations and, depending on your level of investment, a series of scheduled small-group “doing” workshops to pressure test ideas do contextualized case studies and/or unique problems of practice.

    Who should participate?

    Leading the Launch is geared toward site, district, county office, and state education organization leaders in any department. Participants will learn how their implementation processes affect the greater whole and how to consciously and deliberately select the best programs, products, and professional learning opportunities to positively impact teachers’ instructional practices and improve student learning. 

    How will this help my team?

    The cohort experience provides a unique opportunity for school district leadership to have candid conversations with a nationally recognized expert on school leadership and strategic initiative design. Unlike one-off seminars and keynote speeches, the cohort provides a clear opportunity for sustained development and provides the basis for a framework that school leaders can use to create stronger, more supportive environments for sustainable success.

    What is the schedule?

    Participating districts can choose from open dates to best coordinate with their schedule. Additional cohorts may be opened as needed to accommodate demand. Please sign up to learn more about the schedule for this event.

    How can I participate?

    If you’re interested in joining an upcoming Leading the Launch cohort, save your spot now by following the button on this page. Once you sign up, you’ll receive more information about the program, including payment options. You’ll also receive a detailed follow-up email with information about your cohort, including scheduled session dates and times. Should you have questions any time throughout the process, you’ll receive the phone and email of our project coordinator to ensure a positive experience. 

    Send us a note.