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As a K-12 school superintendent or assistant superintendent, the ability to drive change through the execution of a handful of strategic initiatives can mean the difference between an enduring tenure at the top and a canceled employment contract.

But you can’t drive change by yourself — and the inability to secure internal buy-in among the doers in your organization is a key reason why more than 70% of strategic initiatives fail. (Harvard Business Review, June 2022).

In this use case, you’ll learn how U.S. K-12 school district leaders are using LaunchPad from RocketPD to drive internal buy-in for key strategic initiatives amid a host of operational challenges, from competing priorities to staffing shortages.

District: Stoughton Public Schools, MA
Size: 3,400 students

Promote more effective family engagement in accordance with a multi-year strategic plan and stated district-wide priority.

Competing priorities, staff turnover and logistical challenges made it difficult to organize school building and team leaders around a single area of focus.

District leadership used LaunchPad from RocketPD to introduce Dr. Steve Constantino’s Five Simple Principles of Family Engagement to more than 700 school leaders, securing internal buy-in for a key strategic priority and laying the foundation for a deeper commitment to family engagement among the district’s teachers and staff.

  • RocketPD’s self-paced video modules encouraged educators to ‘think different’ about family engagement.
  • Short video lessons gave staff license and “headspace” to prioritize family engagement.
  • Key lessons created “natural bridge” to deeper conversations in internal committees and PLCs.
  • Downloadable workbooks promoted tactical execution of high-level concepts in schools and classrooms.

District leaders said they chose LaunchPad from RocketPD over the competition for three primary reasons:

  • Self-paced videos introduced school leaders to key family engagement concepts without overwhelming them.
  • Video content set a foundation for deeper, more tactical conversations inside action-oriented district committees and PLCs.
  • Access to the content was affordable and low-risk compared with other options.

Short video-based courses provided fodder for more engaging internal conversations around family engagement, and helped the district achieve the following key results:

  • Clarity around the district’s mission and strategic vision
  • Opportunities for deeper exploration and team implementation
  • A path to practical execution at the individual level

Netflix + MasterClass’ for K-12 teachers & staff
There is a reason only 29% of educators say they get what they need out of the training they receive at school.

Faced with historic learning gaps for students and rising employee attrition, K-12 schools need to support the career development and passions of their most committed teachers and staff.

LaunchPad from RocketPD is your virtual professional learning library. An annual subscription gets your team convenient access to a growing selection of video-based mini-courses on the topics that matter, delivered by some of the biggest names in K-12 education.

Each mini-course includes:

  • A video introduction from the thought leader
  • 3 key video lessons with practical outcomes
  • A downloadable course workbook
  • A “So, what’s next?” section
  • A shareable Certificate of Completion

Available topics include: Family Engagement, Teacher Supervision, Coaching and Evaluation, School Communications, Transformational School Leadership, Blended Learning, Reading Instruction, School Culture and Inclusion, Adult Well-Being and more, with new content added every quarter.   

To learn more about how your district can use LaunchPad from RocketPD to generate internal buy-in and support for critical K-12 school district strategic initiatives, visit or email us at [email protected] and ask for a FREE demonstration of this use case.

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