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In an era where 90 percent of K-12 school teachers report burnout and open positions routinely go unfilled, keeping your best staff engaged and locked in at work is paramount.

One way to do that is by awarding educators with more “voice and choice” over their own professional learning journey. 

In a recent pilot project, in which K-12 teachers and staff were asked to complete 30 hours of professional learning — 15 hours chosen by district administrators and 15 hours chosen by the individual — 92 percent of participating staff rate the experience as “effective” or “highly effective.” 

In this use case, you’ll learn how U.S. K-12 school district leaders are using LaunchPad, from RocketPD, to provide individual autonomy in professional learning for teachers and staff.

Empower K-12 teachers and staff and increase staff engagement by providing more autonomy and flexibility over individual professional learning.

Instead of feeling like an opportunity for growth, traditional professional development often feels like a mandate to busy teachers and staff — yet one more mandate amid a seemingly endless list of professional responsibilities. 

K-12 school districts use LaunchPad, from RocketPD, to give teachers, administrators and support staff more autonomy and flexibility over individual professional learning.

  • Custom “video library” provides virtual access to self-guided topics taught by the world’s leading K-12 educators and authors.
  • Each video-based course features three key lessons with a practical outcome.
  • Downloadable workbooks provide opportunities for self-reflection and job-embedded application of key concepts.
  • Self-paced courses enable educators to easily start and stop lessons and toggle between topics, according to interest level and/or other professional responsibilities.
  • Certificates of completion allow educators to proudly share and display their accomplishments.

School district leaders choose LaunchPad from RocketPD over the competition for four key reasons:

  • Self-paced video library gives teachers and staff easy access to a range of compelling topics: family engagement, teacher supervision, blended learning, transformational leadership, school communications, adult wellness and more.
  • Each topic is taught by a K-12 industry leader (a recognized expert that your team members know and respect).
  • Short video-based courses make it easy for educators to access practical professional enrichment at a pace and schedule that is convenient to them.
  • Low-cost annual subscription means school districts can offer LaunchPad as an annual fringe benefit to staff, furthering organizational culture around individual professional growth.

Customizable library of video-based courses helps K-12 school district leaders achieve the following key results: 

  • Demonstrated organization-wide commitment to professional growth
  • Voluntary and individualized exploration of professional passions among teachers and staff
  • Increase in overall staff engagement
  • Creative discussions and/or applications of key concepts and ideas
  • Further reinforcement of key organizational priorities

Netflix + MasterClass’ for K-12 teachers & staff
There is a reason only 29% of educators say they get what they need out of the training they receive at school.

Faced with historic learning gaps for students and rising employee attrition, K-12 schools need to support the career development and passions of their most committed teachers and staff.

LaunchPad from RocketPD is your virtual professional learning library. An annual subscription gets your team convenient access to a growing selection of video-based mini-courses on the topics that matter, delivered by some of the biggest names in K-12 education.

Each mini-course includes:

  • A video introduction from the thought leader
  • 3 key video lessons with practical outcomes
  • A downloadable course workbook
  • A “So, what’s next?” section
  • A shareable Certificate of Completion

Available topics include: Family Engagement, Teacher Supervision, Coaching and Evaluation, School Communications, Transformational School Leadership, Blended Learning, Reading Instruction, School Culture and Inclusion, Adult Well-Being and more, with new content added every quarter.

To learn more about how your district can use LaunchPad from RocketPD to generate internal buy-in and support for critical K-12 school district strategic initiatives, visit or email us at [email protected] and ask for a FREE demonstration of this use case.

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