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The top K-12 leaders,
teach the skills that matter

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Good PD is hard to find.
Save time and vet your next PD before you scale.

Coming Summer 23
Introducing the RocketPD LaunchPad

  • 5 self-paced video courses
  • From the the nation’s top thought leaders
  • On the topics that matter to K-12 schools
    • Family engagement
    • Culture & inclusiveness
    • Staff engagement
    • And more!

Each video-based course features:

  • 3 key lessons
  • Real-world examples from top educators
  • A playbook to drive outcomes

Why RocketPD Launchpad?

Passionate teachers and staff are the key to high-performing schools.

But hiring and retaining the best and brightest K-12 talent is harder today than ever.

Staff engagement in our neighborhood schools is low and sinking lower.

You’d love to be able to incentivize your best people by increasing the size of their paychecks. But that’s often out of your control.

You’d love to reduce workloads for everyone on your team. But you already have too few teachers to staff your classrooms.

Providing high-quality professional-development ought to be the one thing that your team can reliably provide to consistently engage and empower your team.

But finding high-quality professional development takes time. It’s expensive — and you often don’t know if your investment hits the mark until it’s too late.

With the RocketPD Launchpad, your leadership team can develop new skills, while vetting critical professional-development concepts before rolling that content out to teachers and staff.

Get a bundle of 5 critical topics, including family engagement, culture and inclusion, staff engagement, school transformation and more.

Each topic features 3 key lessons delivered via engaging, high-quality self-paced video, with a focus on outcomes.

Learn from the very best names in education — and decide if their content is worth investing in to support your team.

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(Launching in Summer 2023)