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The link between adult well-being and staff retention

6 adult-wellness strategies to help your schools attract and retain passionate administrators, educators and staff, with a focus on personal fulfillment

Instructor: Carla Tantillo Philibert

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Whether you’re a school leader looking to hire and retain great teaching talent, or a front-line educator in search of practical tools and strategies to nurture your own sense of personal well-being and reconnect with your passion for the classroom, the (6) interactive sessions in this virtual professional-learning experience are designed to take you on a practical, action-oriented journey, from a place of career inertia and frustration to one of job satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Great educators and school leaders are great because they believe in themselves. That belief gets transferred to students through the embodiment of personal passion and high-quality instruction. But that unique brand of professional self-confidence doesn’t come naturally. It’s a product of lived experience. Carla  Tantillo Philibert has traveled the world working with schools to help teachers and staff focus on personal wellness. Join her and learn how to use your own lived experience to connect with students, re-engage with your mission and work, and achieve a more fulfilling career in education!


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$595 per person
(discounts available for teams)

Who should attend

Classroom teachers, instructional coaches, teachers on special assignment (TOSAs), department heads

Meet Your Instructor

Author, leader and former classroom educator Carla Tantillo Philibert is one of the nation’s leading voices on the power of Collective Well-Being in schools. As the creator and founder of the SEL check and connect platform, Class Catalyst, she’s on a mission to help every student benefit from the help and support of a caring adult. After founding Mindful Practices in 2006, Carla’s work has been awarded the elite CASEL SELect status and has been studied by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago for the past eight years. Carla was a founding educator and Curriculum Director of a late start high school, designed to thwart gang violence and involvement for vulnerable learners in Chicago’s La Villta community. Today, Carla oversees the Collective Well-Being Project in Chicago Public Schools and consults with dozens of other districts, large and small, across the country. She is the author of Cooling Down Your Classroom (2012), Everyday Self-Care for Educators (2019), Everyday SEL in the Virtual Classroom (2022) and the Everyday SEL and Mindfulness series (EC, EL, MS & HS, second editions 2022).

The Experience

Here’s what to expect when you, or members of your team, sign up to learn more about adult wellness and career success with Carla Tantillo Philibert.

Biweekly learning & mindfulness conversations

Series of (6) interactive virtual conversations, delivered over Zoom. Participants will spend the first part of the course taking ownership of their personal and professional wellness and the second half mastering a practical framework for achieving sustained fulfillment and career success.

Weekly mindfulness sessions

In addition to the 90-minute, bi-weekly conversations, all registrants are invited to join Carla and different members of her team for 30-minute virtual, unstructured weekly mindfulness discussions. Everybody needs a safe space to talk. Use this time to depressurize from the stress of work, seek advice and build relationships with colleagues across the country.

Pre- and post self-wellness assessment

All participants will also receive access to quarterly self-assessments to help gauge personal progress toward stated mindfulness goals. Combining survey research with real-time feedback, participating educators receive a clear picture of their development at key points in their development.

Plus, get a copy of Carla’s book

(for Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle of High School staff)
Every registrant receives the latest version of the book that most closely represents their grade level of expertise.

The Outcomes

The path to staff retention and professional engagement starts with personal adult wellness. School leaders who take this program, will learn to:

  • Improve the climate and culture in their schools and classrooms by taking ownership of their personal well-being and professional health.
  • Learn how to create space and time to build awareness, identify self-coping practices and act with self-efficacy.
  • Strengthen adult agency in building collective well-being and overall staff connectedness.
  • Make a shift from surveys to student-informed practices in schools.
    Develop personal and leadership skills to support staff retention, satisfaction, well-being, and engagement at the school and/or district level.

What Educators Are Saying...

“Carla is incredibly engaging and down to earth with any constituency to whom she presents. She works effectively with teacher’s aides, teachers, principals, district office personnel and families — anyone! Carla finds a way to connect to her audience and inspire new learning.”

Dr. Allison Slade

Director, Instructional Leadership & Strategic Initiatives
Roosevelt University

“Carla and the Mindful Practices team supports the social-emotional and well-being needs of our principals, assistant principals, and school teams. Their high-energy approach comes genuinely from the heart, is rooted in science, and helps administrators and educators deal with today’s many challenges. Everyone left our last session feeling motivated and revitalized to continue doing the hard work of leading schools.”

Dr. Karime Asaf

Chief of Network 4
Chicago Public Schools

“Mindful Practices’ Carla Tantillo Philibert is a charismatic, dynamic, and engaging speaker. Carla’s SEL prowess, hands on expertise, and knowledge assist her in providing the “best possible experience” for her audience when presenting. Carla is transparent in her delivery as a presenter, providing great tools and resources for educators. I would welcome Carla to any environment as a presenter for SEL in and out of the school community!”

Kenyea Beach

SEL Coordinator & Community Liaison
Chicago Heights School District 170

The Sessions

Session #1: Know yourself

The journey to well-being, personal fulfillment and job satisfaction begins with cultivating self-awareness. Starting with reflection and ending with self-efficacy, this session was designed to show you what that looks like over the long haul.

Session #2: Find your starting point

No two teachers, administrators or staff have the same lived professional experience. The path to adult wellness requires different starting points and includes personal explorations of big feelings, including guilt, identity and self-compassion.

Session #3: Differentiate your approach

It is possible to focus on your personal well-being and career health, while continuing to serve the diverse needs of students and your community. It’s all about resource allocation. Learn how to identify the right dosage of wellness for you personally — and effectively communicate those needs with your employer and peers.

Session #4: Get immersed the practice of wellness

Now that you understand the context in which you’re operating, it’s time to immerse yourself in the pursuit of personal wellness and professional fulfillment. Learn a multi-faceted approach that balances the needs of the individual with the needs of their collective school community.

Session #5: Work in the right system

Wellness and career success is heavily influenced by role and circumstance. An administrator leading an elementary school in one part of the country has different needs than a teacher working with high school students in a different state. We’ll help you identify the right systems and embrace the right working templates to do this work at scale.

Session #6: Learn to embrace and practice self care

Finally, we’ll bring it all full circle by creating action plans that center the needs of the collective community, while concurrently honoring and elevating the needs of the individual. Because self-efficacy paired with actionable goals is the key to sustained success in your school career, and in life.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why join the link between adult well-being and staff retention cohort with Carla Tantillo Philibert?

    At a time when schools are experiencing record attrition and low staff morale and engagement, this all-virtual cohort experience was designed to give school district leaders and their teams a convenient and effective way to facilitate and support adult wellness and further support the health and professional needs of committed teachers and staff. The RocketPD cohort experience works at scale because it enables schools and districts to enroll a single staff member or a large team and receive a consistently engaging professional-learning experience, across the board.

    What’s included in the link between adult well-being and staff retention cohort with Carla Tantillo Philibert

    Delivered over several weeks, the program includes (6) scheduled structured learning and mindfulness conversations and a series of optional weekly unstructured mindfulness discussions. Attendees also receive a quarterly personal mindfulness assessment to track their development and progress over time. Plus, a copy of Carla’s latest book.

    Who should participate in the link between adult well-being and staff retention cohort with Carla Tantillo Philibert?

    The cohort is designed specifically for school teams, including building principals, teachers and staff. The multi-month program is designed to work with team members’ and leaders’ busy schedules. Should your team find value in the experience and want to invest in the work more deeply, a full-district workshop and deep-dive is also available.

    How will the link between adult well-being and staff retention cohort with Carla Tantillo Philibert help my team?

    The cohort experience provides a unique opportunity for school building teams to have candid conversations with a nationally recognized expert on adult and child personal wellness. Unlike one-off seminars and keynote speeches, the cohort provides a clear opportunity for sustained development and provides the basis for a sustainable framework that school leaders can use to create stronger, more supportive and engaging school environments, with a focus on mental and emotional health.

    What is the schedule for the link between adult well-being and staff retention cohort with Carla Tantillo Philibert?

    The dates for this cohort are listed in the Schedule section of this page above. Additional cohorts may be opened as needed to accommodate demand.

    How can I participate in the link between adult well-being and staff retention cohort with Carla Tantillo Philibert?

    If you’re interested in joining an upcoming cohort, save your spot today by following the button on this page. Once you sign up, you’ll receive more information about the program — plus, information related to payment and invoicing. You’ll also receive a detailed follow-up email with information about your cohort, including session dates and times. Should you have questions at any time throughout the process, you’ll receive the phone and email of our project coordinator to ensure a positive experience.

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