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The days of sit-and-get PD are over — and it’s about time

Everyone has a story about a teacher who impacted their life in some immeasurable way.

Teachers — educators — are among society’s greatest treasures.

But being an educator is hard — and, in the face of a global pandemic, the job isn’t getting any easier. In fact, research shows that 4 of 5 teachers find their jobs more stressful since the pandemic. Making matters tougher still, 70% of teachers say the professional development they receive from their districts falls short of expectations.

The good news? The old sit-and-get strategies of the past are on their way out — finally! The bad news? Most schools still haven’t figured out what to do next. 

While some school districts have invested heavily in online programs, others are bringing in thought leaders for full-day workshops. An emerging option is cohort-based professional learning. School leaders say they like cohorts because they provide an opportunity to dive deep on critical topics with colleagues from other districts, usually online over several weeks or months, to better accommodate their busy schedules.

Regardless of the experience, experts say, to be effective modern K-12 professional learning experiences must include, at a minimum, the following:

  1. Quality learning, delivered by a compelling expert
  2. A menu of available topics that matter to schools 
  3. Content that is Learning Forward standards aligned
  4. Lessons that are practical & applicable
  5. Concepts that are job-embedded
  6. Ample time for self-reflection & improvement
  7. Goals that are measurable & sustainable

So, how can you deliver a higher quality professional learning experience that engages and empowers your team? If you’re a school leader or a PD coordinator for a K-12 school or district, we created this Ultimate Guide featuring 7 ways K-12 professional learning is broken — and how to fix it, just for you.

Are you interested in providing more engaging experiences for your staff?

Are you excited by the prospect of bringing people together to solve big problems?

Are you tired of trying and failing with the same-old, boring sit-and-get PD? Download this guide today

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