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Big-name keynotes and breakout sessions are a top draw at annual K-12 industry events.

It’s hard to argue with the economics of an estimated $2 billion industry. History shows that marquee names drive registrations and put butts in seats.

But what happens when that big speech is over? Is a singular message delivered under the bright lights of your opening general session enough to leave your members feeling fulfilled and ready to work? 

Or, are they in need of more?

In this use case, you’ll learn how your organization can use LaunchPad from RocketPD to turn your next K-12 industry keynote into an extended learning opportunity for members and attendees.

Drive member benefit and extend learning beyond live K-12 industry speeches and events.

Keynote speeches are a big draw for K-12 industry associations and professional organizations. But, while big-name talks inspire in the moment, members increasingly want more take-home value from their annual industry event experience.   

School districts use LaunchPad from RocketPD to offer extended learning opportunities as an additional member and/or attendee benefit to K-12 industry keynote events and speeches.

  • Short video-based courses from your keynote speaker and/or other industry experts provide an extended opportunities for self-paced learning and practical reinforcement of key concepts. 
  • Each video-based course features three key lessons with a practical outcome.
  • Downloadable workbooks provide opportunities for self-reflection and job-embedded application of key concepts.
  • Self-paced courses enable educators to easily start and stop lessons and toggle between topics, according to interest level and/or other professional responsibilities.
  • Certificates of completion allow educators to proudly share and display their accomplishments.

K-12 industry associations and partners chooseLaunchPad from RocketPD over the competition for four key reasons:

  • RocketPD helps industry partners source and book compelling and reliable education keynotes and speakers at competitive rates for their organization.
  • Complementary video-based courses drive engagement beyond the live event while providing additional opportunities for follow-up marketing and brand recognition.  
  • With a focus on practical outcomes, members can use course content to drive meaningful change and/or achieve stated strategic goals in their schools or districts.
  • Extended content creates an intimate connection between members and previously hard-to-reach industry leaders, authors and speakers, with opportunities for deeper connection and future work. 

Video-based courses help K-12 industry associations and other K-12 partner organizations achieve the following key results: 

  • Additional member benefits for conference registrants, members and attendees
  • Deeper, more practical connections to annual keynote speakers and industry content
  • Increased excitement and/or participation in future industry programs and/or events
  • Stronger member and/or attendee brand loyalty and incentive for annual membership renewal(s)  

Netflix + MasterClass’ for K-12 teachers & staff
There is a reason only 29% of educators say they get what they need out of the training they receive at school.

Faced with historic learning gaps for students and rising employee attrition, K-12 schools need to support the career development and passions of their most committed teachers and staff.

LaunchPad from RocketPD is your virtual professional learning library. An annual subscription gets your team convenient access to a growing selection of video-based mini-courses on the topics that matter, delivered by some of the biggest names in K-12 education.

Each mini-course includes:

  • A video introduction from the thought leader
  • 3 key video lessons with practical outcomes
  • A downloadable course workbook
  • A “So, what’s next?” section
  • A shareable Certificate of Completion

Available topics include: Family Engagement, Teacher Supervision, Coaching and Evaluation, School Communications, Transformational School Leadership, Blended Learning, Reading Instruction, School Culture and Inclusion, Adult Well-Being and more, with new content added every quarter.

To learn more about how your district can use LaunchPad from RocketPD to generate internal buy-in and support for critical K-12 school district strategic initiatives, visit or email us at [email protected] and ask for a FREE demonstration of this use case.

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