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If you run a K-12 professional learning community, or PLC, you know the powerful role that book studies play in promoting collaboration and professional growth in schools.

But, as teachers and staff search for more flexibility, the traditional book study, where educators convene in-person (or over Zoom) to workshop key concepts is increasingly giving way to a blended approach that incorporates elements of multimedia and other experiential content. 

In this use case, we’ll show you how K-12 school district PLCs can use LaunchPad from RocketPD to elevate their next book study with complementary video-based lessons and practical learning activities designed and delivered by the author.

Elevate traditional book studies and improve collaboration and engagement in K-12 PLCs with the addition of author-led multimedia content.

Book studies are a favorite source of engagement and collaboration in K-12 PLCs. But the fully in-person book study model is outdated and doesn’t always meet the changing needs and preferred learning methods of teachers and staff.  

Use LaunchPad from RocketPD to elevate and augment traditional PLC book studies with video-based content created and led by the world’s top authors and experts. 

  • Password-protected library of author-led content adds element of self-paced learning and depth to traditional in-person book studies.
  • Each video-based course includes three key lessons with a practical outcome, helping educators turn written theory into classroom practice.
  • Expert-led modules provide an opportunity to learn directly from the book’s authors and/or other experts in the field.
  • Downloadable PDF workbooks offer practical exercises to discuss, model and test in scheduled PLC meetings.   

District leaders choose LaunchPad from RocketPD over the competition for four key reasons:

  • Author-led video modules provide the perfect celebrity complement to traditional PLC book studies.
  • Short self-paced courses help educators turn written theory into practice in schools and/or classrooms.
  • Downloadable PDF workbooks offer proven strategies and practices, making traditional PLC meetings more collaborative and efficient.
  • Low-cost annual subscription means PLCs can use LaunchPad from RocketPD for a range of high-priority topics.

When PLCs integrate expert-led video-based modules with traditional book studies, they achieve: 

  • More in-depth and engaging exploration of strategic ideas
  • Richer, highly productive in-person PLC conversations and meetings
  • Increased individual self-confidence and practical application of key concepts
  • Stronger commitment among teachers and staff to professional enrichment

Netflix + MasterClass’ for K-12 teachers & staff
There is a reason only 29% of educators say they get what they need out of the training they receive at school.

Faced with historic learning gaps for students and rising employee attrition, K-12 schools need to support the career development and passions of their most committed teachers and staff.

LaunchPad from RocketPD is your virtual professional learning library. An annual subscription gets your team convenient access to a growing selection of video-based mini-courses on the topics that matter, delivered by some of the biggest names in K-12 education.

Each mini-course includes:

  • A video introduction from the thought leader
  • 3 key video lessons with practical outcomes
  • A downloadable course workbook
  • A “So, what’s next?” section
  • A shareable Certificate of Completion

Available topics include: Family Engagement, Teacher Supervision, Coaching and Evaluation, School Communications, Transformational School Leadership, Blended Learning, Reading Instruction, School Culture and Inclusion, Adult Well-Being and more, with new content added every quarter.

To learn more about how your district can use LaunchPad from RocketPD to generate internal buy-in and support for critical K-12 school district strategic initiatives, visit or email us at [email protected] and ask for a FREE demonstration of this use case.

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