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Schools exist to meet the needs of all learners

Effie A. Jones Humanitarian Award Winner and former N.Y. State Superintendent of the Year Dr. Luvelle Brown says that meeting the needs of all learners requires school leaders to “have an understanding of all of our learners.”

Dr. Luvelle Brown combines his personal experience as a student of color with his years as an educator and school district leader to illustrate a mindset and provide a practical framework that school leaders and their teams can use to foster a “Culture of Love,” understanding and opportunity for all students and teachers.

In this course, Dr. Luvelle Brown challenges you to:

Create a culture of equity & access for all

Engage in critical self-reflection around your work

Adopt a protocol for equitable learning experiences

What you get

Every RocketPD LaunchPad Course is 60-minutes and includes:

  • An introduction from the thought leader
  • 3 key lessons with practical outcomes
  • A downloadable course workbook (PDF)
  • Shareable certificate of completion
  • Priority access to live virtual cohorts
  • Secure access to RocketPD Learning Portal
  • Membership in RocketPD Learning Community

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Single-Course Registration $49 (annually)

  • Self-paced video modules
  • Course workbook (PDF)
  • Access to secure Learning Portal
  • Membership in learning community
  • Certificate of Completion

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Entire Video Library $195 (annually)

  • Access to all courses
  • Self-paced video modules
  • Course workbooks (PDF)
  • Access to secure Learning Portal
  • Membership in learning community
  • Certificate of Completion

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  • Access to all courses
  • Unlimited use for all employees
  • Self-paced video modules
  • Course workbooks (PDF)
  • Access to secure Learning Portal
  • Membership in learning community
  • Certificate of Completion

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Available for individuals & teams

(with special pricing for teams of 5 or more)
Real professional learning is a journey, not a checkbox — and it’s different for everyone.

At RocketPD, we recognize how many priorities compete for your attention. That’s why each of our programs is created to meet you (or your team) where you are in your learning journey.
Whether you’re a school district leader looking to generate support for strategic initiatives and support your team, or a single educator in pursuit of frameworks and practical ideas to power your day-to-day and advance your career, RocketPD features live and asynchronous learning from the best and brightest K-12 thought leaders on the planet, with a clear plan to make every learning experience affordable, accessible and deeply impactful for you.

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Included with LaunchPad

Engaging professional learning

Practical lessons on the topics that matter to you & your schools.

Delivered by top K-12 educators

Respected educators & authors deliver proven frameworks for your toughest challenges.

Built for busy schools & teams

Password-protected learning portal & custom mobile app makes your content accessible from anywhere.

Focused on sustainable outcomes

Asynchronous courses & live cohorts give educators more ‘voice & choice’ in their professional-learning journey.

Have questions about LaunchPad?

Send us a note — or see the FAQs below to learn more.

What is RocketPD LaunchPad?

Created by RocketPD, LaunchPad is an exclusive on-demand video library of expert-led “mini-courses,” taught by nationally recognized educators and best-selling authors on topics of strategic importance to the nation’s K-12 schools. Topics include: family engagement, school culture, teacher evaluation, blended learning, staff retention and adult well-being, school communication, transformational leadership, how to close learning gaps with a focus on reading, blended learning, artificial intelligence and more, with new content coming soon!

What do I get when I sign up for RocketPD LaunchPad?

Featuring annual subscription options for individual educators and full school site and district-based teams, LaunchPad provides immediate password-protected and on-demand access to a virtual library of on-demand professional learnings. Each LaunchPad mini-course features three key lessons with practical outcomes. Plus, a downloadable course workbook to help you and/or your school team(s) practice and implement key concepts. Personalized certificates of completion with seat-time designations are available upon completion of each course. Learn from anywhere with our mobile app for iOS and Android. Every RocketPD LaunchPad subscriber also receives priority access to RocketPD’s lineup of expert-led live-virtual learning cohorts, held each spring and fall, as a way to dive deeper on the topics they care about and led by educators and leaders who they respect and trust.

Why should I sign myself (or my school team) up for RocketPD LaunchPad?

Two reasons: (1) With LaunchPad, you and/your school team(s) get access to a library of expert-led video-based professional development from nationally recognized experts and leaders in the field. Our blended approach ensures that every member of the RocketPD community not only has the opportunity to learn alongside the best names in K-12 education on the topics that matter to them, but that they have adequate time to reflect on that content and think about how to apply critical concepts into their everyday practice.

(2) Because our LaunchPad courses have a relatively small footprint — just 60 minutes in length, in most cases — you and your team(s) can engage with the content without taking a lot of time out of their already busy schedules. LaunchPad represents an ideal way for school leaders to vet the quality of their professional development content before making a larger investment in one particular thought leader or professional learning program or discipline. Find out what works for your team, then decide how to allocate finite time and resources to the topics they care about and require more support with. It’s a win-win.

What is the cost of RocketPD LaunchPad?

RocketPD LaunchPad was designed to give educators on-demand access to a range of strategically important topics, without adding more work to their already crowded plates. The goal was to build a resource that provides immediate practical value, while being easily accessible to individuals and/or school teams. Individual pricing starts at $195 per year. School site and/or district pricing starts at $1,295 per school per year for all employees with discounts for multiple schools.

How often will new content be added to RocketPD LaunchPad?

LaunchPad currently features nine video-based “mini-courses,” with new courses and bonus content scheduled to be added to the platform each quarter. Subscribers receive access to all new and/or bonus content at no additional cost.

What’s not included in RocketPD LaunchPad?

Your initial RocketPD subscription features immediate on-demand access to a curated selection of video-based “mini-courses” and accompanying downloadable course workbooks. Access to our live-virtual cohorts is not included with your initial subscription, but can be bundled for an additional cost. All platform subscribers receive priority access to RocketPD’s full slate of live-virtual spring and fall learning cohorts. Engage with the mini-courses in LaunchPad. If you like them, consider signing up for a spring or fall cohort to fully immerse yourself and/or your team in a topic of critical importance to your school community.

Can I use grants and/or federal dollars to pay for RocketPD LaunchPad?

Absolutely. We’ve had educators use a variety of federal, state and local funds and grants to procure our services for their teams. Title II funds are among the most used resources at the federal level. At the state level, professional development funds and continuing education funds are a popular source of funding. Payment plans are available for individual educators on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about how to fund this, or what discounts apply, email us at [email protected]. Our team prides itself on working with schools and districts who want to provide support and build community for teachers and staff.

How do I sign up for RocketPD LaunchPad?

You can sign up using the button on this page and following the instructions that follow. If you have questions before signing up, please fill out the form on this page and hit “submit” and someone on the RocketPD Team will reach out shortly to answer any questions and walk you through the process, or provide you with a live demo. You can email us any time at [email protected].

Interested in video-based courses, but want to learn more before signing up?

Send us a note — or reach out to learn more.


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