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When families are engaged in school, students perform better.

RocketPD helps teachers and staff improve relationships through stronger family engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RocketPD?

RocketPD is a nationwide community and professional learning platform for K-12 school leaders and their teams. Unlike the boring (and broken) PD programs of the past, RocketPD brings the best thought leaders on the planet together, on the topics that matter, to create meaningful and sustainable professional learning experiences for educators focused on outcomes. Every RocketPD is conducted by a rockstar thought leader and every participant emerges from each experience with fresh perspectives and frameworks that they can apply in the context of their work and community.

Why is RocketPD better than what I’m currently doing?

The average school district-sponsored PD is 4.5 hours. Rather than cram educators into a room or central-office learning center to check a box on K-12 professional learning, RocketPD provides sustainable learning experiences, featuring access to virtual nationwide cohorts, full- and half-day problems of practice workshops and 1:1 executive coaching programs that can be customized to meet the extended learning goals of your school or district and the different schedules and needs of your team.

How can I participate?

Simply choose the topic or thought leader you want to engage with and sign up directly on their RocketPD profile page. If you have questions before signing up, simply fill out the contact form and someone from our team will call you to schedule a free informational session to determine the best professional learning experience — be it a virtual cohort, on-site workshop, or coaching program — for your group or team.

Can I meet the thought leader before signing up?

If you represent a school district, team or group of schools, RocketPD will be happy to set up a free 30-minute call with the thought leader or thought leaders of interest. You’ll hear directly from the subject-matter expert about their program and the learning experience. Then use that information to decide if the experience is a fit for your team. Additionally, RocketPD offers available primer experiences, where you can choose to sample multiple subjects and, where appropriate, the ability to observe cohorts in progress. To learn more about these and other preview options, please fill out the form on our Contact page. To download our full catalog of RocketPD thought leaders, go here.

What is the cost of RocketPD?

Costs vary depending on your level of engagement and interest. The majority of our experiences feature Learning and Learning + Doing packages for schools and districts and can easily scale to accommodate different needs and budgets. The majority of our thought leaders also offer executive coaching package add-ons that can extend the value of your professional learning experience. In all cases, RocketPD works with interested school districts, school teams, or individuals to create the ideal professional learning experience.

Can my school or district use ESSER and/or CARES Act funds to pay for RocketPD?

Yes. Participating school districts have used available ESSER and/or CARES Act funds to pay for RocketPD programs. While RocketPD recommends that every school or district check with their individual purchasing office before committing to use these funds, our team is happy to work with you to help identify potential funding sources. Here’s a great article from the Association for Curriculum and Development to consider.

Can I see a sample of RocketPD?

Yes. Ask about our available primer experiences for district teams or get a day-pass to one of our ongoing cohort experiences and catch the RocketPD model in action. We promise not to disappoint.

I’m ready to launch my RocketPD. So, what’s next?

Two things: (1) Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with our team. (2) Sign up for our RocketPD newsletter to get the latest insights into teacher and staff engagement and get exclusive access to new RocketPD releases before they launch to the general public.

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